Sir John Brunner Foundation

Sir John Deane’s Sixth Form College
“Outstanding by Tradition”

Sir John Deane’s has a long and proud history dating from 1557 when our founder, Sir John Deane, established a charitable trust and gifted land on which the school was built. In 1906 the school moved to its current riverside site thanks to the generosity of another benefactor, Sir John Brunner. His kind donation, which marked the 350th anniversary of the school, laid the foundations for the next 100 years and inspired a new generation of students.

Sir John Deane’s has evolved and honed its specialism through several stages including a Boys Grammar School, a mixed school and in 1978 it became a mixed Sixth Form College and since then has continued to provide excellent education for the children of mid-Cheshire and beyond.

The Proposal 

We remain deeply connected to our past and celebrate our heritage. The College’s proposal to change its legal status by dissolving and converting to a 16-19 academy within the Foundation follows the Government announcement, in November 2015, that sixth form colleges would be eligible to apply for academy status, thus alligning them more closely to the schools sector and allowing them to reclaim VAT, which is not currently possible as a sixth form college.

Having carefully considered the implications of converting to a 16-19 academy, the College believes that the conversion offers the best possible future for the College and that the next exciting phase of our history is the proposal to form the Sir John Brunner Foundation, and for other good and outstanding primary and secondary schools to become academies and join the Foundation over time in order to create a high performing, energetic and dynamic educational community with a strong sense of identity, place and purpose.

Download the PDF document outlining the Proposed Academisation of Sir John Deane’s Sixth Form College and Consultation Process by clicking on the links below.

Sir John Deane's Sixth College proposal to become a 16-19 academy
Statutory Notice

Report on the Consultation regarding the Academisation of Sir John Deane’s Sixth Form College and the formation of the Multi Academy Trust to be known as The Sir John Brunner Foundation