Digital photography - learn to take a good picture-BEGINNERS

 lady with camera

For people who have a good knowledge of a PC.

This course is aimed at beginners to digital photography who have taken pictures "on auto", or who have completed the Saturday "Introduction to Digital Photography" class. Both technical and creative aspects are covered in equal amounts. Technical aspects include Aperture, ISO, shutter speed, metering and focus. Creative aspects comprise composition, storytelling, critique and vision.
This is a semi-classroom based course with half the time spent in a traditional lecture environment, and half the time taking photos and receiving/giving feedback. Hand-outs will be provided and students will complete a project over the course duration, resulting in three finished printed images.

Day Start Date Time Duration Cost Availability
Tuesday 16/01/2018 7.00-9.00pm 8 Weeks £62.00 Filling Fast