Cambridge Chemistry Challenge Success

Cambridge Chemistry Challenge

Chemistry students proved they have the formula for success after receiving their awards for the prestigious Cambridge Chemistry Challenge this week.

The competition, which took place before the summer, is set by an experienced team of teachers and university chemists and involves students from across the globe. It stretches students significantly beyond the syllabus and encourages them to think about science in a way that they would at university.

22 students received either a Silver or Copper award, with two students, Joshua Appleton and Chloe Todd, taking Gold.

Chloe todd and Joshua Appleton

Laurence Potts, Chemistry teacher at Sir John Deane’s said: “The competition encourages students to apply their knowledge to unfamiliar scenarios, just like they would at university.

“It was a very challenging paper and for so many students to receive an award is an outstanding achievement.

“The two Gold winners should be especially proud as only a small number of entrants achieve this award. “

Congratulation to award winners; Joshua Appleton (Gold) Chloe Todd (Gold), Jospeh Allcock, Joseph Besic, Rebecca Broadhurst, Emma Drew, Megan Gibbons, Emily Heatley, Alison Hutchinson, Edmund Keall, Katie Marie-Bennett, Samuel Mason, Ben Mayoh, Jadzia McNulty, Alex Naylor, Luke Oakes, Jack Richards, Jennifer Roscher, James Rushton, Cara Scobie, Alexander Smith, Irina Tomic, Victoria Turner, Amelia Whitehad.