A level history is the study of how people’s lives have been changed by the actions of key individuals and significant events. We tackle big questions and topics that will give you a deeper and wider understanding of all aspects of life such as politics, religion and culture.


What will I study?

You will learn about three main topics:

  • The remarkable personalities of the five Tudor monarchs and the impact each of them had on government, religion, society and relations with other countries. Events studied include those such as Mary I’s burning of religious martyrs and Elizabeth I’s defeat of the Spanish Armada.
  • The economic and political turmoil that led to the rise of the Nazi Party in Germany and the dramatic and devastating consequences for the German people. Questions posed include: Why did people vote for Adolf Hitler? Who is responsible for the Holocaust?
  • The struggle of Black Americans to achievement civil rights and equality. You will be required to complete an historical enquiry into the role of key individuals such as Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and John F Kennedy and study turning points such as the end of slavery, bus boycotts and civil rights marches.

Co-curricular activities?

You will be invited to join the department on a visit to Washington DC in the summer of Year 12 and new opportunities are currently being developed for visits within the UK. The department organises visits to academic lectures and supports participation in university essay competitions and history related work experience.

Where might it lead?

The study of A-Level history develops strong communication skills and the ability to analyse a range of information and reach persuasive judgments. These are valued by all universities and are especially useful for degrees in subjects including history, law, business, English and politics. A wide range of job opportunities are also open to you, including journalism, broadcasting, law, local and central government, teaching, public relations and business management.

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