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Maths opens up a wide range of career paths. If you enjoyed GCSE Maths, like problem solving and want to develop your skills to think logically – this is for you.


What will I study?

This course shows you how maths is used in the real world. You will study a range of pure maths which includes topics like algebra, geometry, calculus, logarithms, trigonometry and number series. You will also study an application module in the Lower sixth and one in the Upper sixth.

Co-curricular activities?

The department offers various levels of support for those students who are identified as needing extra sessions. There’s also an extended maths exam to challenge the most gifted students who need beyond the normal A2 requirements for certain university courses. We also enter a range of individual and team maths challenges both locally and nationally.

GCSE re-sit

We run a GCSE Maths re-sit for those wishing to improve their grade to a C.

Where might it lead?

Maths is important in all fields of industry and commerce so further study allows you to prepare for a range of careers.

Maths is also an extremely important element in many university degree courses and without it, further study of most sciences and engineering becomes very difficult, if not impossible. Statistics is also useful for degree courses in subjects such as psychology, economics and geography.

Download detailed course information