Tangling for Mindfulness

 Described as ‘Yoga for the brain’ tangling has become increasingly popular as a method of art meditation. Initially created by Rick Roberts and Maria Thomas, Zentangling is the production

of beautiful and unique artwork by focussing on one line at a time. It can be enjoyed by
all ages, and at any level of art ability. In the morning, the course considers the benefits of the practice; some forms to use; adapting forms with shading; shadows and auras. In
the afternoon, we bring the forms together to create unique artwork tiles that students can take away. Pens, pencils, smudge-sticks, art tiles and practice paper will be available on the day, but students are very welcome to bring their own equipment if preferred.

Day Start Date Time Duration Cost Availability
Saturday 06/10/2018 10.00 - 4.00pm One day £40.00 with a complimentary lunch Available