Think yourself Happy - NEW


During this course you will learn many techniques to reduce stress in your life, how to leave all your worries behind you and give yourself a fresh start. The workshops will include 'Energy Work' to correct your flow of Yin & Yang, and some 'instant lift' energy techniques.  You will learn all about the Law of Attraction and how it affects every minute of your life, and how to harness this powerful and often unrealised natural force to improve many life situations.  We will work through many different ways to feel uplifted, and feel good in general, such as EFT and Energy Medicine. You will learn how to deal with people and situations that would normally cause you stress.  Other areas covered include changing the outcome of situations just by changing your perspective, improving your self-esteem and learning how to relieve the feelings of guilt, anger and fear. 

Day Start Date Time Duration Cost Availability
Wednesday 17/01/2018 7.00 - 9.00pm 6 weeks £60.00 Available