Staff take on students in annual cricket match

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Staff v Students

By Adam Waterhouse 

With dark clouds looming from the outset of the day, the weather was the main point of debate in the lead up to the game “Will it be on, won’t it” with the weather behaving itself for most of the day. Ground staff at Weaverham CC agreed that the wicket was suitable and play could commence.

It is fair to say that the Sir John Deane’s staff were less “enthusiastic” about the prospect of the match than the students with some excellent excuses from staff not to play; to name just a few, “I’ve got markbook training”, “I’ve got a condition called Popeye’s elbow”, “my knee is a bit dodgy, I could swing a bat but probably need a runner”, and a personal favourite “my horse stood on my foot”. Needless to say there were many adjustments to the staff line-up.

Staff lost the toss, and put in to bat first. The game was played in an excellent spirit and unfortunately after 3 overs of play the inevitable happened and the heavens opened; suspension from play gave opportunity for some light refreshment and for staff to discuss the various periods of time before they played last!! (Some of which were a very long time). The rain slowly dissipated and play was able to continue. The game was reduced to 14 overs instead of the originally planned 20. The rain clearly disrupted the batters momentum and rhythm as the first ball upon resuming play saw the dismissal of A. Simpson (Bowled by Metcalfe). P. Parry had the best of the batting for the staff team being made to retire on 28 after a sterling performance. After an intimidating ball from M. Appleton R. Khan was put under pressure and was caught and bowled by Appleton. An impressive spell from both Metcalfe and Appleton put the staff team under some pressure that was only relieved by some poor bowling resulting in 38 extras being awarded!!! Negative bowling clearly affecting the natural flare within the staff team (said a little tongue in cheek). There were some highlights for the staff however, with a decent not out performance from A. Sumner that was described as “Rolling back the years”.

Staff v Students

The next dismissal was an excellent delivery from Treacher that saw Potts walk for 7. What can only be described as a truly comical run out, saw Tweed back in the pavilion after only facing 2 balls. After a poor no ball delivery that had flown over the keepers head there were shouts of “Yes, Yes” from the bowlers end. Having run the entire length of the wicket to be stood next to his teammate, Sumner replied “No” and sent Tweed back, who was dispatched with an excellent piece of fielding resulting in a direct hit from Carson. Also not out was a debutant to the sport B. Scott who put up stern resistance in the closing overs of the innings which concluded the staff’s innings with a reasonable 84-4.

The staff bowling started very positively limiting the run rate for the students, impressive bowling from both Pain and Scott saw the staff off to a good start, first ball of the Allanach over saw Carson dispatched with a good catch from Parry. Doyle and Carmichael dominated the batting and were persistent in their attack. Doyle was bowled by Khan with a deceptive full toss, Khan showing some good variety in this bowling. P. Parry bowled an excellent spell with the students only gaining 9 runs from his 2 overs. This unfortunately is as positive as it got for the fielding team, a fired up student side began to hit a flurry of boundaries. The staff-team a little rusty dropping 3 catches which could have changed the course of the game. The students were resolute and displayed some good batting performances, namely from Holt and Carmichael, Holt lucky on a couple of occasions with some very thick edges.

Carmichael finished the innings in style, whipping the first ball of Pott’s over for another well taken boundary.

Students winning the game by 8 wickets and with 3 overs to spare (87-2). Doyle (23), Carson (7), Carmichael (28 not out), Holt (17 not out).

Although the students won in a very convincing manner many of the staff claimed a victory by invoking the Duckworth-Lewis method of scoring.  All staff and students taking part thoroughly enjoyed the experience despite the poor conditions due to the weather.