International Women's Day

Head Girls Anya-Leiah Ashton and Daisy King share their message of hope on International Women's Day. 

So, International Women's Day. 

We feel like there is a lot of negative stigma surrounding the idea of a 'women's only' day. 

Therefore, we really want to make one thing clear; today is not about valuing one sex more than the other. It is about taking time to acknowledge just how far we have come in the fight for equality.  And where better to celebrate equal opportunity, than here at Sir John Deane's?  

Here, no girl feels less likely to achieve than their male counterpart; for there is fantastic support available to everyone. Every year we see female students breaking gender stereotypes by pursuing careers in STEM based subjects, but equally we see numerous success stories for males in the Arts. 

Here, whatever your drive, your ambition, every student who works hard enough achieves their full potential... regardless of gender. 

Here, education gives us power- power to change those established roles. 

So, Happy International Women's Day everyone! Here's to equality, and the brighter future we are creating for both women and men. 

Anya-Leiah Ashton & Daisy King