Returning to College

Dear Parents and Students

As you know the College is planning with great care for a phased reopening in order that students may have some face to face time with their teachers.  The situation remains dynamic and plans may vary.  However, it is our dearest wish to begin to rebuild our College community in a safe, measured and thoughtful way, adhering to guidelines from Public Health England and the Department of Education.

I confirm that we will not act alone.  We are listening, taking advice and paying close attention to all the information available to us.

It is anticipated that students will return to College from 15 June.  We are planning for no more than 7 students in a classroom, this will mean that on any one day no more than approximately 10% of the total normal student cohort will be on the campus.  There will be strict hygiene protocols and explicit social distancing rules, all of which will be explained in some detail on the first day a student is in College.

The College week will run from Monday to Thursday and a student will have only one day a week in College.  Remote teaching and learning will continue to take place.  However, we encourage all students to seize the opportunity to come into College because we believe that this will re-energise and revitalise them.  The environment may feel a little different at first, but what students will quickly experience is the enthusiasm and warmth of teachers and mentors and we sincerely hope that this will build confidence and certainty about taking steps towards a more familiar normality.

The College is currently undertaking a detailed and robust risk assessment to ensure as far as possible the safety and wellbeing of students and professionals.

By 8 June, we will send more details of the plan which will include the individual timetable for each student.  We thank you for your patience and understanding.

I very much look forward with hope and optimism to seeing our students again in the near future.

With warmest wishes

Miss K E Kirkwood