Students ‘speak up’ to win first round of Rotary competition

A team of talented young speakers have talked their way into the district round of the Rotary Club Youth Speaks Senior Competition.

Year 12 students Charlotte Case (chairperson), Kieran Baddeley (speaker)and Katie Rogers (vote of thanks) won the judges over with their speech on politics and pop music, gaining them 1st place during the local heat on 22 November at Sir John Deane's' theatre.

The trio were judged on the content of the speech, as well as their effective use of voice, humour, and courteous manner.

Lydia Reynolds, teacher of Economics at Sir John Deane’s Sixth Form College, said: “The team presented a truly exceptional speech on how politics no longer seems to be reflected in pop music.

Kieran discussed, with outstanding delivery, how politics was and is so well captured by the Pet Shop Boys, but modern artists such as Eminem do little to inspire political progress." “Sir John Deane’s would like to thank the Northwich Rotary Club for organising this exciting competition, and for recognising the efforts and skill of our talented team.”

Sir John Deane’s fought off the strong competition, including that of St Nicholas’ Catholic High School, to progress to the district competition to be held in Wrexham, in the Spring.