Policy and Resources Minutes

Ken Beesley-Evans, Chair of Policy and Resources           



"The role of the Policy and Resources Committee is to provide advice to the Governing Body on the strategic plan and progress against targets, the use of all financial, physical and human resources within the College and the College’s compliance with relevant legislation, including Safeguarding, Prevent and Health and Safety.  The Committee recommends an annual budget and considers expenditure proposals and estimates of income prior to recommending their approval by the Governing Body.  It also monitors the implementation of policies set by the Trust and the efficiency and relevance of College policies and procedures."


Members of the committee

Ken Beesley-Evans (Chair)

Paul Allanach

Paul Blakeman

Nathan Broad

Jane Hough 

Kerry Kirkwood

Greg Scholes (Student Governor)

Gail Snelson (Parent Governor)

In attendance - Andy Sumner (DP Finance and Resources)


Policy & Resources Committee Minute

February 2017

November 2016

June 2016