Further Mathematics

Further Mathematics is an enjoyable, rewarding and stimulating qualification, which both extends and deepens your knowledge and understanding beyond the standard A level Mathematics. If you are planning to take a degree with a strong mathematical content, such as Mathematics, Engineering, Sciences, Computer Science or Finance/Economics, you will benefit enormously from taking Further Mathematics. The course introduces new topics such as matrices and complex numbers that are vital for studying STEM subjects at university.

Further Mathematics

What will I study?

The Further Mathematics A-level has half of its content looking at pure mathematics, one quarter looking at mechanics and one quarter looking at statistics. We will be following the Edexcel specification for this course. Students will sit four papers at the end of their second year, each lasting for one hour 30 minutes. There is also an opportunity to complete an AS in Further Maths. Students completing this option will be examined at the end of their first year. 

Co-curricular activities?

As part of our commitment to ensuring students enjoy the challenges that studying Mathematics brings, we arrange a number of activities throughout the year to enrich their experience. 

These include attending problem-solving days at local universities, entering a range of individual and team challenges both locally and nationally and attending residential sessions at local universities with a view to undergraduate study of Mathematics. Students can also enter and be supported with preparing for a number of examinations that are required for university entry, such as STEP, MAT, BMAT or AEA.

Where might it lead?

Studying Further Mathematics is challenging but extremely rewarding and stimulating and provides a great foundation for going on to study for a degree in a STEM subject.

Most students will go on to a career in mathematics, engineering, physics, computer science or financial services.