Government & Politics

Politics has an impact on the way we all live and you will learn about how decisions are made that affect all our lives. Our students have visited the Houses of Parliament to experience Question Time in the Commons and see politics in action, as well as visiting the main institutions in Washington DC to compare the UK & USA systems.

Government & Politics

What will I study?

Politics will be a new subject to the majority of students and therefore it is an opportunity to do something fresh and new. Studying Politics will enable you to understand how the political system works at local, national and European levels. Topics covered in the study of politics include electoral systems, parties, pressure groups, and the American political system.

It is particularly important that you have an enquiring mind, a desire to learn about how the political system works and its impact on you, the citizen. You will be encouraged to develop your skills in critical and analytical thinking, note making, research, oral and presentation skills, all of which will be essential to you whether you decide to go into Higher Education or into a career after A levels.

Co-curricular activities?

We aim to offer a visit to Parliament at the end of Year 12, where you will have a tour of the Palace of Westminster and attend the Commons and/or Lords for Question Time. In recent years students have visited Washington DC and we are always looking at new opportunities for visits home and abroad. 

The department also supports opportunities such as the Debating Society, the 'Youth Speaks' competition and university essay writing competitions. 


Where might it lead?

Politics is particularly useful if you are considering a career in law, business, retail management, the media or civil service. However the knowledge and skills which the study of Politics will give you will be welcomed by any employer.