Start of Term Arrangements

Information for new Year 12 students

Start of Term

The start of term for all Year 12 students is Thursday 8th September at 9.00 am for two days of Induction, ahead of the start of the normal timetable starting Tuesday 12th September for all students.

These two days of Induction are designed to get your child off to a flying start by equipping them with the essential tools to excel.

Induction Programme

  • There will be 5 sessions each day, and your child will be given a schedule for each day when they arrive.
  • Students will be sent a text the day before Induction (Wednesday 7th September) outlining the room and tutor for their first session starting at 9.00 am, Thursday 8th September.
  • There will be plenty of staff and Year 13 Student Ambassadors on hand each day to help them find their rooms.
  • College buses will be running as usual on these two days.
  • We are asking all students, for these two days only, to bring a packed lunch.
  • Students should come prepared for Induction with A4 lined paper and a pen / pencil.
  • Year 13 have their induction day on Monday 11th September, so Year 12 will not be in College on this day.


Key Dates for New Students

Thursday 8th September
Start of Term: Induction Day 1
9.00 am – 3.15 pm
(Year 12 only)

Friday 9th September
Induction Day 2
9.00 am – 3.15 pm
(Year 12 only)

Monday 12th September
Year 13 Induction Day
9.00 am – 3.15 pm
(Year 13 only)

Tuesday 13th September
Normal timetable begins
9.00 – 3.15 pm
(Year 12 & Year 13)