Right now across your body, without a second thought and in every single cell, billions of processes are happening, keeping you alive. Do you want to know what those processes are, how they came about and how they work? If so, then Biology is the subject for you. The future of our own, and other species will depend upon the quality of scientists being educated now and one of those scientists could be you, ready to make an impact on the living world.


What will I study?

The variety in Biology is astounding, ranging from massive ecosystems to the miniscule world of biological molecules and cells. The topics you will study include – the heart, the digestive system, the immune system, DNA, evolution and biodiversity. You will also look at photosynthesis, respiration, genetic inheritance, the nervous system, muscles, gene technology and genetic fingerprinting. Biology also includes a lot of practical work, teaching you the skills to carry out lab techniques and to analyse and scrutinise data.

Co-curricular activities?

We run a programme of enrichment activities, including talks from visiting university academics and dissections. Students aiming for degree courses at Oxbridge, or in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Dentistry are given additional support to help them achieve their goals, such as interview practice, personal statement workshops and entrance exam preparation from visiting experts and experienced members of staff.

Where might it lead?

Most Biology students go to university to study for degrees in biological sciences, the sciences of the future, e.g. healthcare, genetics, biotechnology, pharmacology, zoology and biomedical science. Biology A level is essential for medicine, veterinary science and dentistry, and important for physiotherapy, nursing and sports science.