Have you ever wondered why mobile phone tariffs are complicated? Or why Coca Cola is the biggest selling soft drink in history? And why McDonalds, the home of the hamburger and high fat foods, is now selling salads... that’s business! Business Studies at Sir John Deane’s will teach you the theories behind successful businesses and explore companies such as Google, Apple and Tesco. This course will interest budding entrepreneurs as you develop your knowledge of how businesses are organised, structured, financed and operated. You will examine real business situations, making use of a range of information sources and personal research.

Business Studies

What will I study?

Business Studies is a dynamic combination of economics, marketing, accountancy, administration and law. In the classroom there is plenty of debate and lively discussion. You will learn about starting up a business, the risks and rewards, budgeting and cash flow through to how to manage strategic changes within multinational businesses. You will also address the four functional areas within business – marketing, finance, human resources and managing operations. Students will also put their knowledge gained to good use studying business strategies for success and the leadership and culture within companies. There is no coursework involved – all modules are assessed by examination.

Co-curricular activities?

Extracurricular activities within the business department include the opportunity to enjoy visits to industry both in the UK and overseas, to be able to apply theory to real life contexts. For example, Business students have visited New York to investigate the difference in marketing techniques used by Merlin Entertainment in the UK and the USA. Closer to home, students have visited the Trafford Centre to investigate strategies needed to ensure the business remains successful and competitive in a saturated market. 

Students are also offered the opportunity throughout their studies to attend business conferences hosted by senior examiners together with guest speakers from the business world as well as being able to access internal speakers from the college within the roles of Finance, HR and Marketing.

Where might it lead?

The majority of students go on to university, where Business represents the largest single subject in the university sector.

For potential employers, Business, with its broad study base and balance of numerical and written skills, is an ideal foundation for the recruitment of students for managerial positions and offers all the skills employers have recently said are lacking in new recruits.


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