This course is great if you enjoy playing and composing music and have a desire to learn more about how it actually works. You will enhance your performance and creative composition skills and develop your understanding and appreciation of a wide variety of musical styles and genres. Music students can enjoy some of the best facilities available with dedicated practice rooms, a recital room, a range of musical instruments, recording studios and the latest computer technology. There are also opportunities to perform at prestigious venues across Cheshire.


What will I study?

You will enhance your performance skills and composition skills and develop a deeper understanding of a number of specific musical styles and genres. These will include Vocal and Instrumental Music, Music for Film, Popular Music and Jazz, Fusions and New Directions. Creative composition tasks will ultimately lead towards the compilation of a small portfolio of original work, and the development of practical performance skills will result in a showcase recital at the end of the course.

Classroom activities are necessarily varied. It is very important that wherever possible, new concepts and ideas are explored practically as well as theoretically, in order to enhance understanding.

Co-curricular activities?

The concert band, choir, brass group and wind ensemble rehearse weekly and perform regularly.  There are also opportunities for smaller chamber ensembles and groups to rehearse together. It is hoped that music students will contribute fully towards the extra-curricular musical activities available, both as performers and even possibly, as directors! Indeed, over the past two years students have led a brass ensemble; saxophone group and folk group, all of which have then performed at the main College concerts.

Where might it lead?

Music is an incredibly diverse subject and allows you to develop a wide variety of highly marketable skills that will be of use in other subjects, as well as in Higher Education and eventual employment. A number of past A level Music students have gone on to gain coveted places at specialist Music Colleges, Conservatoires and Oxbridge, as well as highly competitive courses such as medicine. An appreciation and understanding of music is also something, of course, that you can keep with you and enjoy for a lifetime.