The BTEC National in Information technology offers learners a modern, work-related qualification which opens the door to higher education and a career. It is designed with a clear purpose to support defined progression routes into higher education or employment, builds high-level skills such as teamwork, creative thinking and presentation skills and develops independent research and study skills essential for success at university.


What will I study?

This is a practical course with an emphasis on developing skills such as teamwork; problem solving; and communication to prepare you for university and employment.

Throughout the course you will cover four units including the following topics:

  • Social media for business: You will create and manage an online social media campaign for a business and analyse your success using a variety of tools.
  • Management of data: You will develop a relational database system that fits the requirements and constraints of a business. 
  • Information Technology Systems: You will gain and in-depth understanding of the theoretical concepts of the course, including digital devices and operating online.Website development:
  • You will locate a business with a need for a website and, working to their criteria you will design and develop a website that will enhance the online presence of the business.

Co-curricular activities?

You will have many opportunities outside of the classroom to develop links with local business and professionals, this will be vital in strengthening your understanding of the in class content while developing and enhancing your CV. 

Where might it lead?

Many Information Technology students go on to study Information Technology related courses in Higher Education. However the course has been developed in conjunction with leading businesses and universities in order to deliver the skills and knowledge required by employers.