Modern Languages

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As a student studying French, German or Spanish you’ll have the very best facilities at your fingertips including interactive language software, a 22-station language laboratory, a private study area with PCs, and a fantastic virtual learning environment (VLE).

Modern Languages#

What will I study?

Whether you are learning French, German or Spanish the SJD Modern Languages Department is a great place to study. All three subjects follow the same A Level format covering a variety of topics in your chosen language. Topics covered include leisure and lifestyle, sport, hobbies, health and culture, environmental, social and political issues.

Throughout your chosen course you will get the chance to improve your reading, writing and listening skills and will use the digital language laboratory, as well as take part in conversation classes. Assessment is through written examination as well as oral tests.

Co-curricular activities?

In March 2013 we ran a highly successful study visit to Berlin. We run work experience schemes in France, Germany and Spain where you can improve your linguistic skills and sample the food and general culture firsthand. You may also have the chance to take part in a conference at a local university or visit Manchester for foreign language taster sessions in film and culture.

Where might it lead?

Language graduates are the third most employable after doctors and lawyers! It goes without saying that you will be able to work in a multinational company or even abroad with your language skills. A large number of universities encourage students to continue their language studies alongside their main discipline.

Download detailed course information