Physics is about unravelling the universe to try and find out how it works. From observing the furthest stars to the inner secrets of the nucleus, physics has been at the heart of most advances in technology. Come and discover.


What will I study?

Physics is an exciting and challenging subject to study, requiring an enquiring mind and clear thinking. The course allows you to learn about the fundamental ideas in Physics and their modern technological settings. It shows how Physics is used and its place in today’s world. You are encouraged to use your imagination and have the opportunity to develop practical, data-handling and ICT skills.

Topics you will cover are wide-ranging but include: electricity, materials, wave and quantum behaviour, space, time and motion. You will also study radioactivity, atoms, electric and magnetic fields, atomic, nuclear and sub-nuclear structure.

The course is assessed 100% by written examination.

Co-curricular activities?

Recent activities have included a trip to the Daresbury Laboratory. We also take part in a Physics Olympics event at Liverpool University and the British Physics Olympiad competition and AS Challenge.

Where might it lead?

The skills that you gain through studying Physics are in high demand in the world beyond College. Physics A Level is a well-respected academic and scientific qualification that keeps many doors open on your career path. The degree courses that many of our students go on to study cover a wide range of subjects – from Engineering and Medicine to Mathematics and Computing, as well as Physics, Astrophysics and Electronics.

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